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Pet Wormwood for Dogs & Cats 50ml - Worming Drops

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PET WORMWOOD COMPLEX –  Wormwood complex is a fully functioning compound for total intestinal hygiene. Use Pet Wormwood for dogs and cats regularly for a worm-free digestive system. 

What is Pet Wormwood for Dogs & Cats?

Taken for a number of digestion problems, our herbal worming drops are used to keep the digestive tract clear. It helps with issues such as loss of appetite, upset stomach, and worm infections. Use our Pet Wormwood for dogs, cats and kittens to keep their digestive tract clear. Common worms are controllable with a routine worming treatment.

Wormwood for Cats

Unfortunately, most cats do not show outward signs of having intestinal hygiene problems. These can cause weight loss, diarrhoea, vomiting, itchy bottoms and they can fail to thrive. To avoid these problems, you need to use wormwood for cats. Use our worming drops at regular intervals to repel and ensure pet wellbeing. Worm kittens at four, six, eight and twelve weeks of age. Every three months for life for adult cats. Our wonderful herbal wormer for cats are suitable for any age.

Wormwood for Dogs

Use our Pet Worm Wood Complex to keep your dog/puppies digestive tract clear. Like cats, dogs also need a clean and well-maintained intestinal tract. Puppies are susceptible to intestinal problems. Vets recommend drops when they are two weeks old. Most puppies are born with intestinal problems. Give wormwood for dogs at four, six, eight weeks and twelve weeks of age, and then every three months. Our herbal, natural, vegan drops are very gentle on your pet’s delicate tummies. Give to grown dogs every three months for life.

Full list of ingredients

Wormwood complex, Garlic, Jugulars, Eugenia, Thymus, Cinnamomum, Picrasma

How to use Pet Wormwood for Dogs and Cats

Add drops to food or pet's water bowl over a three day period in the first month. Repeat every three months for grown cats and dogs. Puppies and kittens will need drops as per the guidelines below.

Large dogs: 10-15 drops
Medium dogs: 7 –10 drops
Small dogs, cats and rabbits: 5-7 drops

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