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JUST CHILLIN 50ml - Herbal Cat & Dog Calming Product

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Just Chillin can be used in stressful situations as a herbal cat and dog calming product. There are many occasions that can cause your pet to become fearful and stressed such as a visit to the vet, bonfire night or being groomed so our cat and dog calmers offer the perfect solution.

Calmers for Dogs and Cats

Our concentrated natural cat and dog calming drops combine three essential components to ease and reduce these symptoms. We use a mix of Valerian known for its calming and sleep-inducing qualities, along with Wild Lettuce used predominantly for restlessness and excitability and also Jamaican Dogwood to melt away stress in anxious dogs and cats.

All of these ingredients combined create a natural cat and dog calming treatment which can provide much-needed stress relief for your pet. You can also use our natural pet calmers for separation anxiety in dogs.

Anxiety in Dogs & Cats

There are many situations that can lead to your pet feeling stressed and anxious. These include house moves, a trip to the vet or dog groomer and not forgetting fireworks on bonfire night. Our JUST CHILLIN cat and dog calming product is ideal for all these situations and many more. If your dog suffers from car sickness, try our Travel Buddy, which offers a natural remedy.

Full list of ingredients

Valerian, Wild lettuce, Jamaican dogwood

How to Use Just Chillin Cat and Dog Calming Product

  • Large dogs: 10 -15 drops
  • Medium dogs: 7 -10 drops
  • Small dogs, cats, rabbits: 5 -7 drops
  • Cats 5 – 7 drops

Give as and when required. As an alternative to dog and cat calming spray, simply add the suggested amount of pet calming drops to your pet's food or water. Takes only thirty minutes for results.

We do not use any bulking agents such as cider vinegar in our products which means that you need to use less of our calmers for dogs and cats yet with the same results.

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