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Dog hot spots, skin conditions


What causes pet hot spots, skin irritations?

  • Allergic reactions, also check out our amazing DITCH THE ITCH herbal allergy aid!!!
  • Lack of grooming.
  • Insect, mite or flea bites, Please check out our NO MORE CRITTERS, flea & tick prevention!
  • Ear & skin infections, we have the answer with our soothing EAR CLEAR ear wash!
  • Stress or boredom.

How can we stop pets from getting hot spots in the first place?

Well in an ideal world pets wouldn’t suffer from the irritation and pain of hot spots, but we cannot always ensure that our pet will remain HOT SPOT free!

We can help by keeping our pets groomed, clean and free from flea’s and ticks.

we can carry out frequent ear cleaning, and provide plenty of stimulation with walks and toys for our pets to entertain themselves with.

Unfortunately hot spots do occur, and fortunately here at Animal Herbology we have the answer!!!

Try our FAST ACTING Anti-fungal skin balm BLITZ BALM to sooth, and heal within just twenty four hours!!!

Our soothing anti-bacterial, anti-fungal skin balm can be used on any animal.  It’s made using only the finest natural, herbal & chemical free ingredients and will not harm even if ingested.  Perfect for HOT SPOTS, minor wounds, burns, cuts & abrasions.  BLITZ BALM does not contain parabens or any other nasties, and is also lanolin free.

BLITZ BALM is a must for your pets store cupboard.  This is such a handy product to have for those unforeseen circumstances.  Unfortunately pets can develop a hot spot within a matter of hours, our amazing balm will take the heat and redness out of a hot spot overnight.

Burns are cooled, grazes and skin conditions treated, and all our natural ingredients help the skin to heal from the very first application.

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