About Animal Herbology

cats and dogs

Natural Medicines have been widely used as effective remedies for the prevention and treatment of multiple health conditions throughout the ages.  Therefore at Animal Herbology, we put our trust in Mother Nature to provide all the ingredients for our natural, bespoke herbal range.

Who we are

Jane Ferguson-Grime

 Sales Director


Being passionate about animal welfare and working as a professional dog groomer, I am often asked to recommend products for ailments such as hot spots, eye and ear infections etc. Having explored the market, I could only find products that relied heavily on harsh chemicals.  
As I do not endorse the use of such items, using only organic and herbal shampoos on my clients pets, I decided with the help of Jayne and Hayden our Master Herbalist to create our own bespoke, natural herbal range.

Jayne Beckingham-Burgess

Business Director


I too have a strong interest in animal welfare and truly believe in the ethos of Animal Herbology Products, having successfully trialled several of the products on my own pets with outstanding results. 
I have a strong background in Sales and Marketing having successfully run my own business for over twenty-five years. I am excited to be part of this venture and believe in the products due to the results, and amazing feedback from our loyal customers.
If you'd like further information about our products, please get in touch.