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Animal Herbology – 100 % Natural Herbal Pet Products

What is it about natural herbal pet products that inspired us? Firstly lets start by saying that we at Animal Herbology are inspired by all things Natural Herbal and holistic!  We are passionate about pets. Animal welfare is our number one priority happy pets create happy owners.There are so many different products on the market using chemicals and drugs, but we have looked to find the remedies and products that are 100% natural.

Our Journey…..

Working as a professional Dog Groomer.  I was often faced with dogs displaying problems such as hot spots, tartar build up, anxiety/stress.  My Clients asked for advice almost daily.  As I only used chemical free shampoo’s, conditioners and conditioning sprays I was reluctant to advise.  This is when the idea for Animal Herbology  a one stop shop of 100% Natural herbal Pet Remedies was born!

The problems I looked to address were the things owners were asking me about, the first products were the calming products “Just chilllin” which has become so popular. We address physical and emotional wellbeing. So whether its some help with getting your pet to relax in the car or the quality of its coat we have the solutions.

I enlisted the help of my friend and business partner Jayne (a true animal lover, and inspirational Business woman) along with our Master Herbalist we started on a journey of discovery. The feedback is great and we know we have created a very special product.

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Created for animals by animal lovers

After sourcing and testing all the natural, herbal ingredients for their powerful effectiveness over a number of years.  We were then able to launch our products on the open market.

After launching in 2017 we now have a loyal following of customers who have been totally satisfied with the effectiveness of our 100% natural herbal pet products.  Please check our five star reviews to see for yourself! Once our customers have used the products they try others and will come back again and again. This is the greatest recommendation by far.

Over the next weeks I will be talking about the products to explain the concept and the reasoning behind each of them

We are confident you will love the the range but we are offering a 10% Discount and free delivery to the UK as an extra thank you for ordering from us.

If you would like to try any of our exciting range for yourself, please purchase through our website at to receive your 10% discount throughout our fabulous range. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!



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2 thoughts on “Animal Herbology Ltd – 100 % Natural Herbal Pet Products – Blogging The Journey!

  1. Joanne Robinson says:

    My cat had been suffering with really bad sores around his neck which left huge bald patches. After I had given Ditch the Itch and also the Cat Calmer drops,the sores began to get better and his fur grew back. I was so pleased with his progress . Once a week I put the calming drops in his water . Well worth a try

    • Jane Ferguson-Grime says:

      Hi Joanne,

      Thank you so much for leaving your comments on our products. We are so pleased that your cat has seen improvements with our calmer & Ditch the itch.
      We are always on hand for any questions you may have.

      Kind regards,

      Jane & Jayne
      Animal Herbology

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