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Natural Cat & Dog Calming Products

By using organic and herbal ingredients that work in harmony with your pet, our range of natural cat and dog calming products can be used to ease anxiety and maintain wellbeing.

There are many different situations where you could find your pet stressed out. Car sickness in dogs and cats is very common, particularly in puppies. Even though they may become less travel sick as they get older, they might still get anxious on long car journeys. Travel Buddy is a dog car sickness natural remedy that provides herbal calming and offers the perfect solution for anxiety.

Alternatively, you could find that your pet suffers from fireworks anxiety or even a trip to the vets or groomers. If this is the case, our Just Chillin is a wonderful herbal rescue remedy for dogs, cats and other small pets.

How to Calm an Aggressive Dog or Cat

Perhaps your pet becomes aggressive in certain situations. By adding a specified number (see product details) of drops of Just Chillin to your pet’s food, you’ll find they become much more relaxed after just 30 minutes of ingesting the calmers for dogs and cats. You can also use the drops as an alternative to dog or cat calming spray.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs & Cats

Separation anxiety is one of the most common causes of stress in pets. Our herbal calming remedies can be used to calm anxious dogs and cats when they are separated from their owners. Although most of us find it difficult to leave our pets alone, unfortunately, there will be times when we have to leave home without them. Because of the organic and vegan ingredients, our calmers for dogs and cats provide natural stress relief.

If you have vegan cats or dogs that suffer from anxiety, car sickness or aggressive behaviour, our natural dog calming products contain only the finest, herbal ingredients.

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