Eye Wash & Pet Teeth Cleaning Products

Eye Wash & Pet Teeth Cleaning Products


Often, people neglect their pet’s eyes and teeth, but it’s vital for their overall health and wellbeing that you take care of them on a regular basis. Our eyes and pet teeth cleaning products have been designed to maintain optimum health to prevent infections and tartar build-up.

Eyewash for Dogs and Cats

To avoid eye infections such as conjunctivitis, our Perfect Peepers eye wash can be used on both dogs and cats. When used regularly, its natural, herbal and chemical-free ingredients will maintain your pet’s healthy eyes.

Why Use Pet Teeth Cleaning Products?

If you fail to look after your pet’s teeth, over time, a build-up of tartar and plaque will not only cause bad breath, it can cause painful dental problems. If neglected for too long, this can result in expensive dental treatment as well as a lot of distress for your pet.

Perfect Pegs is a herbal teeth cleaning powder that can be mixed into your pet’s food. This is a much easier and stress-free way to remove plaque and clean your dog’s teeth naturally. If your dog doesn’t like you using a toothbrush on them and it becomes a struggle for both of you, then our dog teeth cleaning product is the ideal solution.

For more information about our eye wash and pet teeth cleaning products, call us for an informal and friendly chat and we will be happy to help.