Should I Clean my Dog’s Teeth?

Pet Dental Care - Should I Clean my Dog’s Teeth?

Yes! Would you go a week without cleaning your teeth? No, of course you wouldn’t. But with our pets dental care it’s something most people overlook. Good pet dental care helps your pet to stay healthy. More importantly, can help avoid the need for vets dental cleaning or dental disease.

There are many indicators to pets dental disease.

These include bad breath, tooth discolouration and often redness of the gums. A build-up of plaque will harden and increase and turn into tartar. Tartar brings its own problems. It encourages a build-up of bacteria which can lead to gingivitis, abscess or tooth loss. As the tartar builds up it pushes the gums away from the teeth and then exposes the root. Open to the elements this can cause your pet pain and discomfort. It also allows for much more serious health problems to take effect. Lung, heart and kidney disease are a risk if the bacteria enters the bloodstream.

Research from the American Veterinary Dental Society shows more than 80% of dogs will show signs of dental disease by age three.

The solution

Brushing your pet’s teeth, of course, is not always as easy as it sounds. Animal Herbology Perfect Pegs is an ideal option. No brushing required, add a small amount (between a quarter to half a teaspoon a day) to your pet’s food once a day.

Perfect Pegs help to break down tartar and freshen your pet’s breath. Containing natural sea vegetables it forms an invisible coating over your pets’ teeth. Helping to prevent future plaque build-up. Peppermint and parsley ensure that their breath remains sweet smelling.

Check and maintain

Check your pet’s teeth at regular intervals and watch out for any signs of potential dental disease. You should ask your vet to check your pets’ teeth every six to twelve months. As in human’s, prevention and good maintenance is the key to wellbeing.

Check out our Perfect Pegs to start your pet’s dental hygiene routine today. If you want any more advice, or have any questions feel free to contact us!

The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) publish many resources. Click here to see their article on Pet Dental Care. Why not test yourself in their quick quiz and see how much you know about your pets dental health!

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