Car Sickness in Dogs

Taking your furry friend on a trip with you should be a happy event. But like in children. Car sickness in dogs can disrupt that joy. Car sickness in dogs is a real problem for a lot of people (including me). It can happen in the shortest and most well-travelled car rides.
The discomfort of your dog in the car can be as traumatic for you as it is for your dog. You stop taking them places, stop sharing experiences. It can be stressful for you both on trips that you have to take.

Causes of car sickness in dogs

More affected early on in life, puppies and young dogs can suffer more than older dogs. As in humans, it can wear off as they get older, but not in all cases.
Having a bad car journey in their early years can be the cause. Vomiting is then associated with the car. The thought of travelling can cause stress and anxiety and that its self can make your pet ill. Anxiety is more often the cause of car sickness in dogs, more so than the motion itself.

How to help

Keeping your fur baby chilled and calm can go a long way to reducing car sickness. Our Travel Buddy formula is all natural. A combination of Black Horehound, Wild Lettuce and Ginger make up our vegan drops. Easy to absorb rather than to digest.
Travel Buddy helps to calm your pet. Taken before travelling, it helps to reduce anxiety. It keeps your pet chilled throughout their journey. Used in conjunction with our Just Chillin concentrated calmer for longer journeys.
Trying to change your dog’s associations with travelling can help. Try using Travel Buddy and taking him/her for a short drive to somewhere fun. A good run and a play will help tire them out and ease the journey home. Each time you can travel together without incident will help you be less stressed about it all too!
Try our Travel Buddy for travel sickness or Just Chillin rescue remedy to get more fun times with your pet.
If you want to know more about the symptoms to spot have a look at this article from MSD Veterinary Manual

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