Should I clean my dog’s teeth?

pet dental care

Pet dental care, should I clean my dog’s teeth? Yes! Would you go a week without cleaning your teeth? No, of course you wouldn’t. But with our pets dental care it’s something most people overlook. Good pet dental care helps your pet to stay healthy. More importantly, can help avoid the need for vets dental […]

Helping your Dog or Cat overcome anxiety

How to help a dog or cat with anxiety Pet anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes, from fears like loud bangs from fireworks, travelling in a car, being left alone, trips to the vet and dog groomer. So how can you help them overcome their fears? Helping your pet with anxiety is a combination […]

Pet Hot Spots – Animal Herbology

PET HOT SPOTS What causes pet hot spots, skin irritations? Allergic reactions, also check out our amazing DITCH THE ITCH herbal allergy aid!!! Lack of grooming. Insect, mite or flea bites, Please check out our NO MORE CRITTERS, flea & tick prevention! Ear & skin infections, we have the answer with our soothing EAR CLEAR ear […]